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Five Year Anniversary, and I still do

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Disclaimer: This blog typically is a showcase of my photography, often with regards to weddings.  This is a showcase of photography, and it's about a wedding- sort of.  But I am the subject, rather than the photographer.  But the photography was by 2nd shooter and dear friend, Casey.

August fifth was my five year anniversary.  On the first of August, I surprised my handsome husband with a renewal of vows ceremony at a quiet park near a small lake.  Our simple, almost-hippie spirit was shining in full glory as the sunset teased us into thinking the oppressive heat would disappear into the lake; we shared some of the same vows as we did before and had each written new vows.  (He knew it was coming and to write the vows, just not when or how).  My husband wrote vows that made me cry and will remind me daily of his true devotion to me. I am very loved.

 I just love my nephew's face here. What admiration!

 Everyone there:
 This is our little family.  Heather (our friend), Me, Eli (my son), and Brian (my hubby).