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Nostalgic Perfection: Emilie & Ethan

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Emilie & Ethan scooped up my heart and tossed it back in time.  Sweet nostalgia for a time in which I never lived filled me and my creative spirit this week.  Such darling love, surreal simplicity, and vibrant dancing are marks of this unique couple, and so many parts of them remind me of Brian and I as we were dating (only they are a lot cooler).

As I got to know Emilie & Ethan, I was reminded of this photograph that I have loved my whole life. These are my grandparents.  This picture was taken, I would guess, in the 1940s and became the inspiration for this photo session. (Another small quirky side note is that Emilie & Ethan have rollerblading as a key element in their personal love story and my grandparents were competitive roller skating dancers.)

Emilie & Ethan are both so expressive and have a natural knack for being photographed, so as they made my job easy, they also made it so hard to choose what to share.  I was tempted to just post their entire gallery and say take a peek.

Emilie noticed the shadow that the eyelet lace on her dress made, so we used it, and I just love the delicateness of this image.
 And then we headed from our little rural scene into the "big city" for some jazzy shots to reflect their love of swing dancing.  Brian and I used to swing dance a lot, too, (and need to break some out again), so it was so fun to take photos of them dancing all over near Jazz at the Bistro in Grand Center.
And I just can't get enough of this one. Naturals. Seriously. They could get paid for this.

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Casey said...

Such an awesomely fun session! And you'd never know it was 1,000 degrees outside! Way to go!