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So grown up

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
It's hard to believe that I used to babysit this little/big girl when she was just about a year old, the same age as her baby sister, and that I was pregnant when I did that. Now my baby is going to turn 2 in two weeks. And she is going to turn 4 in 10 days! It amazes me to think about how time passes.  It seems like not long ago I tried hard to not let her take her first steps in my presence and get her first words to be "polar bear."  Yet today, she was concocting logical plans as to why she should be the one to eat my leftover pizza for lunch.  She won. I ate vegetables. :)


-Shannon- said...

Great pics. I LOVE those girls. So sweet!

Luke & Sarah said...

Alley looks just like Angela! Crazyness!! : )