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Mike & Whitney's Wedding

Thursday, August 12, 2010
A few weeks ago, on Friday, July 30th, to be exact, I looked at the weather report, pleased to see that though hot, there would be some big puffy white clouds rolling through the sky right about picture time.  It was Mike and Whitney's wedding day!  But rather than a scattered shower in the morning, a thick gray sky decided to settle in over New Town, St. Charles, bringing a steady rain with it.  Now, I knew that I liked Whitney & Mike all along, but I never heard even a sigh of complaint about the weather and our change in plans.  Their focus stayed clear- they were marrying the person that God had planned for them to marry, and they are passionately in love with each other.  No rain on that parade. Mike could not physically wipe the smile from his face.  I tried. Just for one serious, contemplative picture. It failed.

Thankful for their grace and flexibility, we ended up having a creative wedding session without leaving the building's grounds and their pictures, I must say, are beautiful!
The moment they first saw each other was almost thrilling for me.  Every time I shoot this moment before a ceremony, my heart races and it's a tender moment, witnessing the exact expression a groom has on his face when he sees his loving bride approaching.  Though no different in that matter, it was no drawn out event- Mike saw Whitney and could not contain himself.  Broad smile and all, he raced towards his love, arms outstretched! How wonderful for Whitney to be pursued with such passion!
The kids in the wedding were both dapper and lively, definitely worth a little preview.

This kiss must have lasted longer than I realized, as I had about 10 exposures worth.
The reception was a feast for my Purple Lemon eyes!
(aren't moments like this ones that make you want to tell a story?)

And this last picture is for Whitney's mom. She loves babies.

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Melanie Burzynski said...

Great photos all around! Especially of my kids with their tongues out. *sigh* They are a chip off the old block - Uncle Mike, that is!