Purple Lemon Photography

Jenna & Nick's Wedding

Friday, July 9, 2010
When I photographed Jenna & Nick's engagement pictures and had their wedding planning session, I was quickly able to see what part of their personality I was going to capture on their wedding day.  Some couples are full of tender, passionate moments, others are passionate about music, and others strive to capture a sense of artistry.  Though Nick is easily wearied by the camera (though I never saw a hint of it, to be honest), Jenna is high engery and loves to pose!  They had a lively bunch of friends in their rainbow-colored wedding party that perfectly echoed their energetic spirit! I had a few quiet moments early on with each of them, but that quickly led to excitement and often sheer silliness!

Gettin' down with grandpa...
And that last picture really shows Jenna!  She was just dancing her way around the dance floor all night long- her energy unmatched by any bride I've ever seen.

Congratulations, Jenna & Nick!