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Miscellaneous May- too much for one post

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I have intentionally left May as a slow photographic month so I can catch up and regroup before I dive in with full force for my upcoming season.  But that isn't to say things aren't happening!

Some are personal- like the Free Clothing and Food Day I helped to coordinate last week for University City families, and the new chairs I bought today and the new amazing upgrade to my insulin pump that I bought yesterday. And Eli's impluse-decision haircut I did yesterday.  The "Hello, there pretty little lady!" comment we got Sunday got my gears crankin' and I realized he couldn't wait until mid-June for his planned haircut.  It was in his eyes, curly and he's just not a barrette kind of kid.

The following photos are courtesy of my bridesmaid-friend who lives upstairs. I don't know if she wants her name here.  She did a great job!
"Mom, are we done yet?"
I can see why Brian looks so scared when I cut his hair.  I am rather menacing with those scissors!
The attempted faux-hawk...
Sure, it's a little crooked... but he's wiggly.
This is when the clippers came out last year... (oooh, Anna, I'm breaking out the Waaay Back Whensday).

Also on the Eli front, he started going to a Mother's Day Out program (like a daycare, but in my case, better) once a week.  Last week he had his first day of "school" and I got to do mommythings! The lunch was packed, the diaper bag stocked, fancy shoes all laid out, fresh bath, and (long) hair combed (and looked a bit creepy).   Thankfully, he loved it!
On the business side of things, I'm crankin' out some album designs, orders, and updating my systems, making sure they are in well-oiled condition.  I am rethinking my package information, my administration processes, and figuring out the details of having clients in my home.  It's good to be in this mode for a few weeks, and thankfully I still have a bit of time before May is gone to finish up my long list.
Finally, don't forget about the Bikes program we've got going on for the rest of May.  There is about 12 days left to be a part this!  See this post for more information on how you can help provide bikes for missionaries in Asia!  We're at three whole bikes right now.

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Anna said...

His haircut is so great! He looks all grown up. Our boys are handsome ones, aren't they? :)