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Girl Scouts & Eli

Monday, May 10, 2010
I was never a girl scout. But I am a girl, and I do go location-scouting for clients (both on purpose and by nature)... does that mean I am a girl scout now?  A friend of mine asked recently to go with me to drive around and pray for the city.  What a great idea!  Though these pictures are not super-amazing, they do show a behind-the-scenes look at what a photographer like me does.

We strapped three car seats across the back of her car, loaded up a picnic lunch, a camera, (not enough pants), and a three-year-old ready to find some swings. 
It was an absolutely gorgeous day!  We went from place to place, exploring new areas of our grand metropolis of St. Louis. I discovered this lovely spot just moments from a clients upcoming reception spot.
And it was the first day in almost a month that Eli's hair wasn't super curly.  Noted here:
It took us almost 4 hours to find a park with swings on our adventure, but we did find them!
And as foreshadowed before, Eli ran out of pants.  What a sight he was at our perfect playground adventure!  Baby-muscle-tee, purple diaper, no pants, tall socks, and little brown leather high-top shoes. Hehe.  I couldn't resist showing you.  And did I mention he's now on the move?


Janele Oros said...

what a fun day! Those are some of the cutest kids I know : )

Anna said...

Look at him go! I had a dream this weekend that you and I sat and visited for hours and hours. I guess even my subconscious is ready for our play date on Wednesday :)
Great pictures! What a fun day...