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A new home, part 1

Friday, March 5, 2010
It might seem quiet around here these days (quiet as a mouse), but quiet it is not.  We are moving, you see (moving to a new house).  I've been working hard to arrange our move as well as keep up with all my clients as winter comes to a close.  Tons of prep work for the upcoming shooting season.

Now that Elisha is 14 months old and we are two weeks away from our big move, I finished his nursery today.  A friend (way back at baby shower time) asked me to take pictures of the nursery. I never did because it was never complete.  But today, it is. I finally finished by painting the toychest to coordinate with his room. And oh how I love free paint (and where I got the paint - Habitat for Humanity ReStore).
As we prepare for our move, I am painting furniture with free paint and testing colors (and finding them not quite what I expected).
We have empty shelves and boxes as well as shelves filled with boxes, and we have even more boxes than that. 
 It's cardboard everywhere.  Also free. I love free things!  At the suggestion of a friend, I went to Pier One and got nice, clean boxes from their cardboard dumpster that are the perfect size for moving and not packing too heavy.
Purple Lemon Photography is moving, and we're getting packed and ready to go.  You might be wondering where we are moving, but that is another tale to be told. We'll show you around real soon.

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Anonymous said...

It always feels like as soon as I get some place finally "the way I want it", we move! Maybe that's why I've been slow on getting my big pics ordered and on the wall??? Sounds like a good excuse. At least now you can just transplant all your newly painted goodies ;)

So excited for your family and the new place!