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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Though the vacation isn't quite over yet, my husband, son and I got to have an extended Christmas vacation this last two weeks.  We celebrated Eli's birthday, Christmas, New Years, and being together with my family.  My brother and his family are in town from the London area where they do missions work with YoungLife. And we all met in Texas, where my parents moved in April.  We were all so excited to be together again.  Or for the first time- as we've had 2 babies among us since we've all seen each other.

We took some family pictures on a path near my parents home.  I just pulled out a handful of favorites to share.
My nephew.

My parents with my litte guy.
All of us. Together at last!
Thanks to my sister-in-law and mom for clicking the shutter so I could hop in a couple.
Goodness, I'm short...
This one is a heart stopper.  I love this one of my dad with my nephew.  They walked most of the way together, so I have series of them walking from behind that all have this same feel.  But this is by far my favorite!

My sister-in-law wanted a couple shots of my littlest nephew in some of his hats.  So after breakfast one morning, I took some.  I LOVE this picture- even though you can't really tell which hat it is.
And we also took a trip to the park.  This was too funny be left sitting, unseen, on my computer!
Lastly, I just adore the interaction between my two fellas.