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Alliteration from a former poet

Thursday, October 29, 2009
While putting my son down for a nap, I wondered what I should call this post. Something clever. Something witty. All I got was Fall Family Fun... or something like that, which was done by a friend the other day (see here).

That, did however, get me thinking about alliteration. Wikipedia describes it in the following way. "Alliteration is a literary or rhetorical stylistic device that consists in repeating the same consonant sound at the beginning of several words in close succession."

So here we go. The Schaeffer Family in (mostly) alliterative terms.

We set off on the soggy sidewalk, striding, singing silly songs, and speeding on a tricycle. I was there to capture Chad and changing leaves, Kaylee kickin' it with her red boots, Brady bouncing and doing "butt bombs" bringing him to bawl some big boy tears (which is the same as a minor whimper), and lastly JoAnne jumping when she threw Chad's changing leaves into the air.

In less poetic terms, this shoot was a dream come true. Thankfully I didn't have to dream too long. I had taken a walk on this path about a month or two ago, discovering it on accident with my family as we took a short walk near our home. I thought to myself- "WOW- won't this be great when fall comes? I must photograph a family here." I scheduled a session with this fabulously fun family and it didn't take much convincing to get them to come to my new special spot. When we scheduled it, it wasn't very colorful yet, but a week later about a million gallons of rain fell and we had a perfect location.

My favorite.


Anna said...

How beautiful! That path is one of my very favorites in our neighborhood. N and I were just walking there the other day when I said to him that one of the best things about living in an older city is the tree-lined streets in the fall. And you captured it wonderfully!
That last one is my favorite, as I am a huge fan of photos from behind!

Anonymous said...

The pictures look great! What a happy family. I know there are many more so I won't pick my favorite yet.......