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Engagment: Janele & Steve

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
I have written this blog post over and over in my head for the last 5 days. I started before I even took the shoot. Now that I'm here, I'm not sure where to start.

This past weekend, I went on an extended engagement shoot with some dear friends, Steve and Janele. Before they were dating, I saw images of the two of them in my head- together- on their wedding day. Now they are engaged and I am booked for their wedding. How wonderful is that?

As we sat down for their engagement session consultation, we realized that all three of us had the same ideas floating in our heads. We were united in our vision for the day and, let me say, we had a lot of them. Originally, I had been inspired by an article on engagements in Rangefinder magazine last year, and thought- ooooh, Janele would like this! Then I came across the perfect setting to make it happen. A fence made of cement truck barrels. Off we went, a date for two + photographer + Steves' brother/my wedding second shooter Chase. So, it was really a date for four.

Steve plays guitar and Janele is a dancer, so we got to incorporate who they are into the pictures. Janele is one of my favorite people to photograph because, as you can see, she just interacts with the space around her with great ease.

Phase 1:

Then we went for some more urban shots. Coffee shop. Nighttime streetlights.
Phase 2:

How perfect? Agape means Christian love. And it matches her purse. And the red matches her belt. Couldn't get any better than that.


Steve O. said...

Yes, I am posting about my own pictures, but who cares?? :) Nikki, you did such a fantastic job of capturing Janele and I in our love for each other...all with style. We loved the day with you and LOVE the pictures...thank you SO MUCH for the care that you put into everything that you work on!

Janele Oros said...

You are truly an artist, Nikki! I can't believe that's us, I mean I can, but you made us look so cool. hahah! LOVE IT!!!! This makes me so excited for our viewing!!!

Angela said...

Beautiful!!! You two are so easy to photograph I'm sure, and it helps you're in love...but Nikki, you too are amazing and Janele's right, you make them look better than they ever could. Haha, just kidding guys!!

Ron (Grandpa) said...

ditto to Angela's comment

Kendra Rose said...

Oh my goodness. Nikki, those pictures are beautiful. You have such a gift! Janele and Steve look sooo amazing! Yes, LOVE!

Karen (Mom) said...

Nikki, these few photos have impacted me on so many levels! First, I cried, because I was so moved by the way you captured Janele and Steve's love for each other and how truly happy they are!! Then, I was captivated by your artisic view. Each picture is a work of art...your sense of perspective, lighting, composition,etc. brings your "portraits" to a whole new level. And now, I am so excited to see your work of the wedding day! I also can't wait to see the rest of this shoot! Nikki, Beautiful work! Bravo!!