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Jessie puts a little icing on the cake

Friday, February 27, 2009
Jessie, owner of Tin Pan Alley custom cakes, went all out for her trash the dress session this week. This shoot was a perfect reflection of Jessie's bright and lively personality. She wanted nothing short of funky and exciting- and we did it. Prepared for a winter downpour with fingerpaints and mudpuddles, she jumped right in. Unfortunately the rain she was hoping for stayed in the sky, but this is such a unique set of images that she will enjoy them for years to come! These are very active pictures, including her son Luke painting her dress.

Disclaimer for future brides and mothers: Trash the dress is a concept that allows the bride to feel freedom in such a beautiful dress and create something beautiful to reflect her personality. Jessie wanted to toss her dress in the dumpster when she was done, so we held nothing back. Not all trash the dress sessions require this type of extreme trashing.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, these are fantastic!
There's some very strong symbolism in there too which made me cry a little...the last one of you is just striking. Really good stuff, great job, you guys.